Lisa Lott, Lcsw

Licensed clinical social worker


I specialize in working with young children and their parents, who need help with challenging behaviors & big emotions.

Get to know Lisa

Hi! I’m Lisa Lott. I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, but you can also call me a parent supporter, a behavior calmer, trauma tamer and attachment builder. I specialize in working with young children, from birth to 5, and their parents. I can help you and your child navigate behavioral challenges, cope with transitions like divorce, the birth of a new sibling, going to a new school or the death of a loved one. I have specialized training in helping kids and families with trauma histories learn to grow and overcome obstacles. In essence, my goal is to help you and your child thrive together.

Parent Supporter

Parenting is hard work, and when your child is struggling it’s even harder. As a parent myself I know how important it is to feel supported, so, my first goal in helping your child is to help you. Using my background in child development I can help you understand your child’s behaviors and emotions, and teach you how to work with them to solve problems when they arise.

Behavior Calmer

When our kids act out they use their bodies, their voices and they have big (let’s face it, HUGE) emotions. Some kids need a little more help learning self-control so that they don’t hurt themselves or someone else, and so that they can build meaningful relationships with their families and their peers. I can help you and your child identify possible reasons for their tantrums, what your child is trying to communicate with you and teach your child how to calm their bodies and feel more in control.

Trauma Tamer

Traumas come in different shapes and sizes, but one thing is the same, after a traumatic event it’s common to be fearful about how your child will be affected in the future. I can help you have hard conversations with your kids and teach them to cope with scary memories, overwhelming feelings, and misunderstandings about confusing situations. I help families grieve what was lost, heal from hardship, and learn to grow and overcome obstacles.  

Attachment Builder

We all have preconceived notions of what our relationship with our children will be like, and when reality doesn’t quite match up it can create distress. This may be due to foster care, adoption or behavioral challenges. By helping you understand your child’s behaviors and emotions, learning the stages of emotional development, and practicing responding in a way that helps them learn self control, I can help you create the relationship with your child that you’ve always wanted.

How I do it

Therapy with adults and children look very different. While I do request some parent only sessions, when working with children I approach it from their level of understand, play. Play therapy is proven to help children learn how to interact with others and cope with difficult emotions. In addition to play therapy I use Child-Parent Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), EMDR and other strength based approaches to help you meet your goals.

My Experience

I have always known that I wanted to be in a helping profession. I completed my Bachelors of Social Work at Azusa Pacific University. While there I worked in a variety of settings including the Regional Center and in adult mental health services. Since I have always loved working with children, I decided to obtain my Master’s of Social Work at Cal State Long Beach to concentrate on working with this population. My experience after graduating with my MSW includes working with families involved with DCFS, where I obtained extensive training working in early childhood mental health, as well as working at other community mental health agencies focused on helping young children with behavioral and emotional struggles.