Learn to Calm Your Mom Anger

saturday, november 17th @ 1:30 PM @ Birch family birth services

In this 1-hour workshop you will learn practical tools to have more patience, decrease your mom guilt, and stop yelling at your kids. 

Nesting: A Parenthood Prep Course®

November 27th @ 7:00 PM @ Birch family birth services

We spend a lot of time prepping our house for a new baby, but not too much time prepping our relationships to handle the stress that comes with your new bundle of joy. Nesting: A Parenthood Prep Course®, is designed to help new parents prepare for parenthood.

In a series of 4 classes you will discover:

  • new ways to communicate

  • learn what your expectations are of yourself and your partner

  • maintain your connection as a couple

  • most importantly become the parents you’ve always wanted to be.

Nesting® is designed for partners and is best taken during pregnancy, but can be taken during your baby’s first few months as well. You will receive all course materials and leave with tangible skills to implement in your relationship right away.

Nesting®, is taught and developed by psychotherapist, fellow mom, and survivor of postpartum depression and anxiety, Lori Allen, MFT.

Offered at Birch Family Birth Services.

 how to deal with bullies & raise nice kids

sunday, december 2nd @ 9:45 AM – 11:00 AM @ Temple Etz Chaim

Tips you can put into action right away (no matter the age of your child).

Learn how to:

  • Help your child respond to bullies & mean kids

  • Increase your child’s confidence & self-esteem

  • Teach your child empathy

Book Us

If you would like to book us for a workshop or presentation some topics include:

  • Postpartum Planning

  • Positive Parenting Techniques

  • How to Discipline your Toddler

  • Balancing your time

  • Positive Communication

  • Get a Handle on Your Anxiety

  • Mom Guilt

  • Mom's Vision Board Workshop

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